Travel Times to/from South Oxnard and Points North [2]


The chart below shows approximate travel times from Ventura, Camarillo and Saticoy to various South Oxnard locations.

The times and distances are from Google Maps and are thus approximations. However, they are representative of real times from point A to point B.

Note that in almost all simulations the travel times to South Oxnard from nearby locations using Oxnard Boulevard are longer than when other routes are taken. It’s clear that in almost all cases there are other faster routes into and out of South Oxnard than Oxnard Boulevard.

When the Oxnard Boulevard time is bold red there are other routes that will get one to the destination faster than Oxnard Boulevard.

(Because the data indicated below is from a dynamic source, Google Maps, which indicates different travel times depending on time of day and actual traffic conditions, the times you get may be different from those noted below. However, it is all relative and travel times will be consistent across different routes compared to different times of the day.)

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