Oxnard Forecast


Environmental Science

Oxnard’s Advanced Water Purification Facility and Zero Waste recycling center has made Oxnard a leader in civic environmental engineering. Oxnard is known for its environmental stewardship and the creative worker class has flocked to Oxnard because they want to participate in being a part of the solution.

Energy Independence

Oxnard is largely energy independent. Oxnard via solar, co-generation and deep-geothermal provides most of its energy needs. Again attracting younger workers who want to contribute to a local energy resilient community.

People Centric City Planning

The Oxnard Boulevard and Saviers Road corridors as an infill mid-rise mixed-use housing corridor with an attractive urban look and feel is a model of 21st century city planning. Multi-story housing along the west side of Oxnard Blvd from the Colonial House project all the way to the sea and on the east side of Oxnard Blvd from the OTC to the sea are models for ending sprawl and revitalizing a city core. Creative and younger workers flock to Oxnard because it is a leader in putting people centric city planning concepts put into action and because Oxnard is a great place to live and work. Complete streets, economic development and housing have led this design charge.


Oxnard College is an independent community college catering to the needs of Oxnard residents and a burgeoning Ventura County manufacturing sector. CSUCI has partnered with Oxnard College and local business to create a thriving Town and Gown community.

GigaBit Internet

Oxnard connects its energy, environmental, educational, business and civic installations with GigaBit Internet. Innovative hi-tech sector workers and businesses have made Oxnard their home because the permitting and business friendly infrastructure support and attract forward thinking business.

Eco Tourism

Oxnard has the very best beaches and wetlands. Oxnard attracts tourists from all over the world to our beautiful environmental home. Oxnard is known for its bike trails connecting Santa Barbara and Ventura on the north with Malibu on the south. Our protected bike paths take bike riders all through town and along our spectacular beach and wetlands areas. Known by birders the area is a mecca for nature lovers and animal watchers.

Cultural Arts

Oxnard arts venues thrive. Oxnard is one of the West Coast’s premiere locations for outdoor concerts and other art related activities. Oxnard’s multi-cultural arts scene is known the world over for its vivacious color and dynamic forms.


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