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On February 2, 2016 the Congress for the New Urbanism make the end of Charrette presentation to the Oxnard City Council at a special workshop. View the CNU presentation here.

Come to City Council chambers at 5pm for the CNU-CA presentation of the Charrette progress to date.

Images from the Pinup presentation that the CNU-CA made to the public on Monday evening.


The corner of Oxnard Boulevard and Fourth Street is currently populated with parking lots. Anchoring the corners with retail/commercial at the street level with housing above will begin to bring the Boulevard alive.


Concept for housing over retail/commercial.


CNU designers at work.


Gateway concept for the Third Street bridge.









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Downtown Oxnard Charrette by the
Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter


Dear Oxnard Friends and Neighbors:

The Oxnard Community Planning Group is proud to team with the City of Oxnard to bring the Congress for the New Urbanism, California Chapter (CNU-CA) to Oxnard. The CNU-CA will create a Downtown and Oxnard Boulevard Vision Plan to help Oxnard become a great California City.
The CNU-CA is presenting a 5 day community based urban design process and opportunity, called a Charrette, and we invite you to participate. All residents and stakeholders are invited.
Do you wonder what New Urbanism is? Are you curious about making Oxnard a better place for all? Check out the attached English/Spanish flyer and take advantage of the free New Urbanism Film Festival on the evening of Saturday January 30th. There will be video shorts about New Urbanism and a chance to chat with the CNU-CA Charrette presenters. There are many other events over the 5 day Charrette – join us – all are welcome.

To help City and Downtown leaders take best advantage of the $6.1M settlement Oxnard recently received, our organization, the Oxnard Community Planning Group, reached out for assistance to a nationally-renowned urban design and planning association, the Congress for New Urbanism. (One of our founding members, architect Dao Doan, is also a member of CNU. According to Dao: “… the charrette is a public outreach process during which professionals will perform their design work in an open forum environment, making progress while taking in feedback and comments from the participating public. The public is welcome to visit, observe, and contribute in a positive manner that helps move the design process forward. At key times there will be presentations of ideas, concepts, and recommendations, with further feedback documented for refinement of ideas.”)

Every year, the California chapter of the CNU (CNU-CA – chooses a city to visit and convene a public design charrette, donating their world-class design and planning expertise. In recent years, the CNU has offered this remarkable gift to the cities of Newport Beach and Livingston, CA. This year, they’re coming to Oxnard.

The charrette will be comprised of CNU-CA experts (planners, architects, developers, community development professionals and others), stakeholders (public invited) who will meet over the course of 5 days to envision a mixed-use multi-story walkable downtown future for Oxnard.

The charrette process will start on Friday January 29 and culminate at the City Council meeting on Tuesday February 2, with a presentation of the findings of the charrette process. The charrette will be held at the old Social Security building just north of Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard. Entrance from Plaza Park side near the art gallery.

While the charrette will not directly make recommendations about how to spend the $6.1 million, it will bring forth information and create a vision to assist city management and the City Council to make policy to assure that this money will be spent wisely—to kickstart the best possible outcome for Oxnard.

In addition, the city will receive a detailed guiding principles document, with graphics and words that can move the city towards an Oxnard Downtown and Corridor Specific Plan.

Perhaps most important, the charrette will bring a new vision of Oxnard that will encourage investment, economic development and multi-story housing and move Oxnard’s downtown towards a thriving, successful and sustainable model of placemaking, and contemporary urban planning for Oxnard and Ventura County.

About us: The Oxnard Community Planning Group seeks to assist the city in creating and implementing a successful planning strategy and vision for Oxnard. The work of the OCPG is dedicated to championing policy that makes placemaking a guiding principle and a basis for investment, economic development and multi-story mixed-use housing in Oxnard’s downtown and along Oxnard’s main street corridors.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Oxnard Community Planning Group
PO Box 6838
Oxnard, CA 93031


Oxnard Community Planning Group
A Livable Oxnard visioning document

MISSION – The Oxnard Community Planning Group advocates for visionary practices in planning, design, and development that will lead to a more livable and prosperous city.

VISION – The Oxnard Community Planning Group envisions a city that grows wisely, preserves farmland and open space, drives smart economic development, welcomes vertical density, cherishes our past and boldly anticipates our future.

CORE VALUES – The Oxnard Community Planning Group believes in a city that works to meet the needs of all our residents: young, old, people with disabilities, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists; even people who don’t go anywhere. We strive to be open-minded, welcome thoughtful discussion, and are willing to invest our time and efforts towards bringing these beliefs into being.

OCPG Core Group Members: Cathi Comras, Dao Doan, Oneita Hirata, Claudia Lozano, Steve Nash, Frank Nilsen, Aurelio Ocampo, Roger Poirier, Roy Prince, Irene Rauschenberger, George Sorkin, Lisa Toth

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