About Us


The Oxnard Community Planning Group is a coalition of representative residents whose goal is a beautiful thriving Oxnard. We invite you to join us.

To see what we are doing please download our most recent project – a vision document for the Oxnard Boulevard Corridor. Click the link at the top of the column just to the right.

Cities with splendid public spaces have great civic pride and high civic-esteem. Cities with inferior public spaces have poor self-esteem. Nothing brings up communities civic-esteem than really good public spaces. Really good public spaces don’t happen by accident – really good public spaces are created by design. Really good public spaces are created by city councils with vision that hire city managers who understand city planning and work hard to bring the vision of a beautiful thriving city into reality.

Cities HAVE control over what gets built within their borders
That control is called the CITY COUNCIL

City Councils with vision CREATE beautiful civic spaces

The beauty, or lack there of, of a city lies with a cities governing body. The governing council sets the tone. When a council lavishes love on the public space it stewards – that city will flourish.

While cities may have little control – what it does have – is control over its built environment. The tone for what is built, civic beauty or lack there of, is created by the City Council. City Councils with a clearly stated vision and policies, that votes that vision and policies, can create a city that is beautiful. People are drawn to beautiful civic spaces and places. People are drawn to cities with policies for Complete Streets and Walkable Communities and these policies bring prosperity.

We have focused, in this statement, on the built environment, however, we take into consideration the health and well being of people at all economic levels. Our efforts include social equity in all our planing advocacy endeavors.

The Oxnard Community Planning Group is in the process of creating a representative coalition of community members who are driven by the passion and desire to have a city we can all be proud of, a beautiful, people oriented, walkable and bikeable thriving Oxnard.

Join us! Together we can make  a difference.

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