Jul 082015

The Ventura County Civic Alliance has created a guiding principals document for livable communities and place making in our communities:

“It is said if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.  And for much of the last century, southern California’s growth was scattershot with too little thought given to the big picture.

Even in our beautiful Ventura County, we live daily with results of this short-sighted approach: traffic congestion; a disjointed regional transportation system; a dearth of affordable homes for working families; and excessive wear and tear on our environment.

The Ventura County Civic Alliance and its Livable Communities Working Group believe we can do better and, in fact, already are building communities that enhance – instead of degrade – the quality of our environment and our quality of life.

Founded in 2001, the Alliance advocates for a more sustainable approach to development in Ventura County.  It adopted a nationally respected set of principles. These include promoting a range of housing choices; walkable, close-knit neighborhoods; repurposing of historic buildings; preservation of open space, farmland and critical environmental areas and a variety of transportation options.

Called the 10 Tenets of Livable Communities, these are not lofty, academic theories but sound practical strategies to serve as planning guidelines.

How do we know that?  This booklet will show you projects that follow these tenets – already built or approved – in every city of Ventura County.”

Download the booklet.

Ventura County Civic Alliance Livable Communities page.

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