Jun 182015

Oxnard is no longer a sleepy little agricultural town – we are 200,000+ strong and growing every day.

Oxnard is the largest city in Ventura County by far, and it’s time for Oxnard to grow up – to become the World Class city it deserves to be.

It’s time for Oxnard to become the urban center of the County – leading in innovative housing & 21st century manufacturing – with a vital and flourishing downtown and Main Street.

Oxnard has a significant small-scale manufacturing and light industry sector that needs local resources including better education and housing for our residents to thrive.

Housing that is innovative, compact, multi-story, and mixed-use, with choices for all people, along the Oxnard Boulevard corridor and a walkable Main Street will go along way to shift Oxnard towards civic pride and that World Class reality.

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