Jul 172013

The Partnership for Working Families has created two smart documents to help us sort out the mysteries of municipal trash services. Lots of great info to help us understand the ins and outs of urban trash and how we can make Oxnard a leader in talking trash. Oxnard did it with water – now we have a great opportunity to tackle trash.

Transforming Trash in Urban America, a new report from the Partnership for Working Families, demonstrates that creating jobs and slowing climate change through a new approach to waste management is both possible and urgent for America’s largest cities.”

“Transforming the way local governments manage trash promises to improve conditions in many cities by turning bad jobs into good jobs, creating new employment, decreasing pollution, and lowering costs. Cities can move toward zero waste and capture a range of worker, community, and environmental benefits by introducing new systems for managing trash. Some cities are adopting a new approach toward recycling that delivers a range of public benefits. Sustainable recycling combines robust recycling programs with high road job quality and economic development policies. This approach contrasts with what exists in many cities, where there are low recycling rates and little attention is paid to the environment, workers, or communities. Together the elements of sustainable recycling create trash management systems that fight climate change, create family-sustaining jobs, and support strong local economies and healthy communities. This vision of clean, thriving cities requires policymakers and leaders to take an aggressive and proactive stance toward tackling trash problems.”

Click the links below to view these reports:

Transforming Trash in Urban America
Trash and Recycling Profiles of 37 Major American Cities

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